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Sunday, May 9, 2010

full detail and paint correction on a Ford Mustang

The owner of this vehicle has maintained it quite well. From a far, the black paint looked to be in mint condition. However, the paint was covered in swirl marks, and black paint tends to show them off more than any color car. So, the owner decided to go with a Supreme Detail, plus the best removal of swirl marks as possible.

As stated before, the owner takes great care of the vehicle and the interior proves just that. A nice vacuum, shampoo, and dressing will make it look brand new.

I found this wedged underneath the passenger's seat. Another dissatisfied HMA customer. Whatever your doing wrong HMA, keep it up!

Here is an example of the severity of the swirl marks. Halogen bulbs are the next best swirl seeker next to the sun.

I tested several different polishes before coming up with what I was going to use on the entire car. Here, I have the right side polished while the left remains untreated.

This is during the polish stage. Polish dust gets everywhere so it is vital to tape any small openings on the vehicle.


Interior work complete.

EVERY little mark or scratch will show up on black paint. Some scratches and marks were too deep to remove but overall, a major improvement. Black is beautiful!

Thanks for looking!

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