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Friday, June 18, 2010

full detail and paint correction on an Infiniti FX45

The owner of this vehicle was looking to sell it for something a bit smaller. After viewing the vehicle, we decided to go with an interior and exterior detail, along with removing minor scratches and swirls in the paint. I told her this would be a good option, since a professional detail can increase a car's resale value. I had the pleasure of having this vehicle in my possession for 3 days, so I was able to bring it back to life.

First up was the interior. Here is the compartment on the driver's side door. You don't see this area carpeted too much. Stains on carpet is a walk in the park.

Here is the driver's side door sill. It has its basic wear.

And of course the door jambs. All of them were loaded with dirt.

The driver's side floor has seen better days. Hey, a jellybean!

These areas can be hard to clean.

The middle console was covered in coffee stains.

The backseat was being robbed of its beauty. The back of the front seats were covered in scuff marks while the leather seats had stains all over them.

This is the door jamb in the back hatch. It had twigs, leaves, and a buildup of pollen.

I don't know what this was staining the rear floor mat but it was ugly!

The passenger's side wasn't too bad.

Don't forget up here! This is the opening of the sunroof. Please take notice of the outside paint here as well. I didn't take any before shots of the outside but this picture shows how dirty it was!


All the stains in the driver's side compartment were removed.

The driver's side door sill was cleaned up a bit.

Door jambs are shining again.

The driver's side floor area received a nice shampoo.

Every small crevice was cleaned.

Middle console cleaned and dressed.

Leather was conditioned, removing all the stains and bringing it back to a soft and supple feel.

The door jamb in the rear was all cleaned up.

The rear floor mat was cleaned and dressed.

The passenger's side floor all shampooed.

Sunroof cleared of all dirt.

Couple more finished interior shots...

Ready for some exterior shots? Here we go! The paint was treated with a two step polish, sealant, and wax.

So slick!

This one is my favorite. The owner should have no problem selling the car now!

Thanks for looking!

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