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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

full detail on a 2006 Audi A6

I like to think of myself as a Volkswagen lover. Because of this, I envy every vehicle Germany has to offer. You can imagine how pleased I was when this Audi showed up at the shop.

Here it is upon arrival. From this view, the car looks to be in good condition.

Now lets take a closer look... The white paint was filthy and covered in tar.

You'll notice while driving that Audi front wheels are usually extremely dirty. This is actually brake dust from Audi's stock brake pads. In this case, brake dust was destroying the beauty of these aftermarket wheels.

The 3M tape on the front end was a major concern for the owner. As you can see, it was covered in bug guts.

The wheels and wheel wells were cleaned. The car was then washed and dried. It was out of the wash bay and on to the detailing bay. The interior was up next.

Here is the driver's side door. It had black scuff marks all over it. It didn't match the tan interior very well!

The owner complained of a fowl smell coming from unknown whereabouts. I believe I found the culprit in here. The owner thought it was a mouth wash spill.

For the first time ever, I witnessed a passenger's side floor mat to be in worse condition than the driver's side. Since Audi floor mats are very plush, it would be easy for the shampoo to extract the stains.


The exterior was sealed and waxed. The tires were dressed.

Let there be chrome! Notice all the tar has been removed from the lower part of the car.

I went an extra step and used a claybar on the front end to ensure every little contaminant was removed from the 3M tape.

Lets use this mirror reflection to determine the weather. I'd say partly cloudy.

So long scuff marks.

The stains in the middle console were completely removed.

The rest of the interior was cleaned and dressed. Sorry how my big feet made the floor look dirty!

This is the passenger's side. Notice all the stains on the carpet have been removed.

Thanks for looking!

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